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tattoo ink rejection of the Gospel

Summer is the season of some young people choose tattoo, you have to learn how to choose tattoo ink.of exposed skin do a bit small hands and feet, can let look different. Through the different tattoo design fully reflect the personality of its own, therefore, some young people willing to put up with a moment's pain. Secco area a business good tattoo shop performer told reporters: "since into summer, my business has very good, more than two months I have 'lines' three, four hundred."

Method of use two kinds of the: A. tattoo artist usage: use the agent and powder mixed together, as far as possible some the thick, with tattoo machine like do tattoos, with a mix potions in skin allergy place walk again, let the skin after restoring allergic phenomenon disappeared, this kind of method is faster, you can recover a general, or two times you can recover. B. customer usage: best tattoo ink allergy parts with clean, dry skin will spread on the skin allergy drug a few points, with hand grinding back and forth 15 minutes a day daub 2 times, use continuously the potion, allergic phenomenon gradually disappear.

Find some within the body shop a service project, some is in the parlor a service project. The tattoo shop have separate business, also have rent booths in the city. The use of equipment is more tattoo mechanization tools, direct contact with the skin of the above tattoo tools are disposable, for temporary tattoo ink, all inn-keeper say plant extraction, safety harmless. Reporters examined the some stores tattoo pigment, found on the bottles show that no Chinese, to this, owner explanation is: "import".In an industry insider told reporters, besides the design is on beautiful idea, in the deployment of potions on some effort. For example, there are a tattoo pigment, grain not normally after that design, but once had a drink later, grain on design like magic clear show. "This tattoo pigment with pigeons, Spanish red blood mixed other potion of synthesis again."

"tattoo the use of tattoo ink may contain allergy-causing or carcinogen, to the body will produce some harm. Pigeons in ancient times is a blood pigment, but now there is no scientific research on this issue, I suggest you do not use this method. At the same time, suggest you try not to tattoo, if there is this need, under can be clean, compared the tattoo pigment printing will stick is on the skin and not into the skin, harmfulness and so can be smaller choose this can be cleaned tattoos stick."

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