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The life of the MOTOROLA HT1550 Battery general from the battery

Six. The life of the MOTOROLA HT1550 Battery general from the battery "imitation - put" electric cycle times measure, but different brands of intercom battery distinct criteria, such as MOTOROLA HT1550 Battery pack minimum cycle times regarding 300 times. 7. For that average nimh batteries along with nickel cadmium battery. In every moment before charging must ensure which interphone batteries fully use thoroughly clean (i.e., press the intercom PTT key can not be normal engine performance). Otherwise, can make the intercom battery pack produces memory. Make a battery service life shortens drastically. We give everybody to supply quality intercom at the same time provide intercom components replacement and maintenance. Currently all the intercom accessories are authentic accessories, inspection and analyze stand. At the same time hope each of our professional intercom service can fix all the problems you intercom employ, avoid change intercom brought about by the cost.

Data usually do not make the MOTOROLA HT1550 Two Way Radio Battery fatal short-circuit or battery into the hearth. This battery installed in your intercom can charge, but will need to intercom shutdown, to ensure that the batteries. Three don't charge the intercom along with battery don't stay in demand cry apparatus, continuous asking for will shorten the battery life. 4. Don't will be brimming with electric battery put back to charger up again "power up", because this procedure will significantly reduce the routine of battery service existence.

2. Please check the Talkabout MOTOROLA HT1550 Battery reloading intercom is in a state regarding shutdown, please do not on stereo in a startup state move plug battery; 3. It needs long time storage shelf, will you please put battery pack precharge 50% of electricity, which is conducive to prevent the battery performance attenuation; 4. The first three time fee sufficient 16 hours so far as possible, in order to reduce memory space function, later charging period in 10 hours can; A few. The battery in the 5-5-90 (or 5% emission signal, 5% received signal, 90% on standby) conditions of use time general can up to eight hrs, and depending on the battery capability, quality, use frequency and other.

Guest room in the lodge covers an area of the most extensive, so as a guest room information hub room program center, transmission and receiving information is the key, interphone are here have played an important role, consequently intercom MOTOROLA HT1550 Battery maintenance become top priority, therefore intercom the maintenance of the battery what method? Below tell you.

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