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According to the lithium ion mobile or portable SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 Battery materials used various

According to the lithium ion mobile or portable SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 Battery pack materials used diverse, lithium ion battery can be divided into liquid lithium ion battery, referred to as the particular LIB) and polymer lithium ion battery (polymer lithium ion battery, referred to as the actual LIP) two sorts big. Polymer lithium ion battery is used from the anode materials and liquefied lithium ion is the same, good pole material might be divided into cobalt acid lithium, manganese chemical p lithium, three yuan materials along with lithium iron phosphate materials, bad extremely graphite, the battery's doing work principle and basic consistent. They are the primary difference between electrolyte is different, liquid lithium ion battery is applying liquid electrolyte, and polymer lithium ion battery the particular solid polymer electrolyte to exchange, the polymer could be "dry state", also can be "colloidal", at present many of them adopt polymer teeth whitening gel electrolyte.

The conductive polymer because positive pole substance, its specific capacity relative increase. Because using solid electrolyte as opposed to liquid electrolyte, and water lithium SAMSUNG Galaxy S II Battery, compared with polymer-bonded lithium ion battery could be thin shape alter, any area of arbitrary shape and qualitative adjust etc. So may use lu: su composite film production battery case, hence can improve the whole cell specific potential; Polymer lithium ion batteries are still can use high polymer as beneficial pole material, their quality than vitality will be better than the current liquid lithium ion battery increased by over 20%. Polymer Lithium ion battery packs (Lithium ion polymer), together with miniaturization, thin is changed, the functions of lightweight. Consequently, polymer battery, within market share will increase gradually.

Polymer lithium SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 Cell Phone Battery, during charging, it is easy to come about, short circuit situations. Including, internal small circuit, the exterior short circuit, and so forth. Although, now most of the lithium ion battery, by having prevent short signal protection circuit. Along with explosion-proof line. But in many cases, the circuit in a number of situations, not necessarily can play a role. Explosion-proof line can enjoy a role, also very limited.

Polymer SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 Battery, if, asking for time is too prolonged, the expansion of the come about of possibility will increase. Lithium chemistry is very vibrant, very easy to burn, once the battery charging and also discharging, battery interior warms up continuously, activation process produced by the expansion of gases, battery internal pressure raising, the pressure to a certain extent, like shell have scars, namely will burst open, cause leakage, fire, or even explosion. And polymer lithium ion battery pack will only expansion. Everybody in the use of time, should, pay attention to safety.
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