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Such as DEWALT DW9072 12V Battery drilling cutting

in the motor commutator and carbon brush this will produce the spark, it will interfere with radio, television, DEWALT DW9072 Power Tool Battery equipment, and so on, this must be in electric tool assembly inhibition capacitor, resistance to flow coil, etc have anti-interference function.Metal shell to have ground or joint zero protection: plastic shell should prevent touch, depletion, hit, don't and gasoline and other solvent contact;

 the Ⅱ class DEWALT DW9072 Power Tool Battery tool safety protection: This kind of tool insulation structure by basic insulation and supplementary insulation consisting of double insulation or reinforced insulation composition. When the basic insulation damage, manipulator by supplementary insulation and charged body is separated, not get an electric shock. Ⅱ class tools must use do not reset power plug, do not allow to earth. class DEWALT DW9072 12V Battery tool safety protection: Tools with grounding device, insulation structure all or most of the parts have the basic insulation. If the insulation damage, because it touches the metal parts through the earthing device and installation in a fixed line of protective earthing (see grounding) or protect joint zero wire connected together, he shall not be charged body, can prevent wire-puller electric shock.
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Use tools, meet locked-rotor phenomenon. Such as DEWALT DW9072 12V Battery drilling cutting, should be timely loosen switch, cut off power supply, so as to avoid the motor, switch, electrical line burned. 9, use metal casing tool, machine to with leakage protection plug the power cord of the three, and at the same time must be used contain leakage protection of power supply socket in use, don't be splashed water in order to avoid leakage accident. 10, change the machine motor, whether rotor bad or stator bad, all must be replaced with the matching technology parameters of the rotor and stator, such as replacement don't match will cause the motor burn.Our country is now for is 50 hz alternating current (ac), but also have some nations, use is 60 hz alternating current (ac), when DEWALT DW9072 12V Battery electric tools use 60 hz current, or 60 hz electric tools use 50 hz power supply, electric tools is no influence (air compressor except). 7, to pay attention to the daily maintenance of electric tools, such as the machine FengKouChu out to keep clean, the whole machine's heat resistance, good use after period of time, to check the carbon brush of wear and tear. Such as the need to replace carbon brush, to ensure that the new carbon brush can brush frame in free sliding.

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