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Everyone in the use of SAMSUNG i9188 Battery process actually don't have to know so much

Everyone in the use of SAMSUNG i9188 Battery process actually don't have to know so much, everyone should know how to charge, how to discharge, how to use to make a battery maximum play a role and maintain good cycle performance. Below I will this hand? Talk about some of my views: 1. The lithium ion battery had better be to use original charger, otherwise you will a certain degree of damage to the battery and influence its service life; 2. For straight imitation and seat charger question, I think, if time permits the cases had better use seat charger, such already can extend the life of the battery at the same time also can increase the single charge capacity; 3. If the battery long time not to use, so it is best filling the 40% of electricity in 10 ~ 30 ℃ temperature preservation, and about every six months for an electric;

4. For just bought a new SAMSUNG i9188 Battery, someone said the first three time charge must be imitation ten hours to fully activate cell, I don't think this necessary, of course, for a new battery for several times before the capacity may be less than the later will have to reduce, it is long term storage battery, active substance surface passivation cause, I think a few times before charging with seat (green light to after an hour or two enough, of course, charging time can follow your chargers charging current and your battery capacity of different will change, in a word is not charging time as long as possible, so that not only can't activate cell, on the other hand, would affect longevity, serious word (if your charger voltage accuracy control is not enough) also will explode.

In the SAMSUNG i9188 Cell Phone Battery's long-term use process often you have a misunderstanding in, I need to tell us about, we tend to think of the battery number is certain, for example, is 500 times, so every time should make full use of, so requires each charge must try to full of, each discharge? Want to try to put clean, it seems that such use is the most effective use, actually otherwise, the service life of the battery with the use of you there is certain relationship, if you cell cycle life is 500 times, if you use proper, so maybe it can use 700 ~ 800 times, so the correct method of use is charging don't charge is too full.About 90% is enough, in use process see power low right now can charge, and don't wait for it to be automatic shutdown even after the automatic shutdown is not charging, we in the laboratory had done the experiment: 80% DOD battery life than 100% DOD battery life long 30% or so.

It is also very important, lithium ion SAMSUNG i9188 Cell Phone Battery is very strict to charger for charging voltage limit is very strict, you must see clearly its requirement is 4.1 V or 4.2 V, because if negative use of graphite series, so when limiting voltage of 4.2 V, if negative with coke series words so limiting voltage is 4.1 V, the general battery will explain, in short charger and battery must match, you can't use 4.2 V charger to imitation 4.1 V battery; 7. There is a little must emphasize: absolute can't use imitation nickel hydrogen battery or nickel · · chrome battery charger to imitation lithium ion battery, so will not only damage to the battery and could explode, 8. Lithium ion battery no memory function, so every time charge not as nickel and nickel hydrogen battery · · chrome battery as need discharge, it can be everywhere for charging and discharging.

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