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lithium ion ICOM BP-227 Battery is more vulnerable to environmental

Be worth what carry is, lithium ion ICOM BP-227 Battery is more vulnerable to environmental changes of temperature and displays the different performance, in 25 ~ 40 degrees environment temperature will show its best performance, and low or high temperature condition, his performance big give discount. There are another about cycle life measures, it is time. Some experts put forward general civil lithium ion battery life is 2 ~ 3 years, combined with the actual situation, such as 60% of capacity for life termination, plus the lithium ion battery of the aging effect, with time to describe cycle life I think is more reasonable.

Lead ICOM BP-227 Battery charging mechanism is similar and lithium ion battery, it is current limiting pressure limiting mode, use way is shallow imitation shallow put, his life expression is time, no number, for example, 10 years. So, lithium ion battery was suitable for use at any time charging way use, this is his nimh batteries for the biggest one of the advantages, please make this feature.

The lithium ion ICOM BP-227 Battery has a characteristic very bad, is the lithium ion battery of the aging (or called aging, foreigners called aging), is the lithium ion battery in storage after period of time, if not can be recycled, part of its capacity will also be permanent loss, this is because of the lithium ion battery of the anode materials are from the factory began its failure course. Different temperature and battery full state, its aging consequences are different, the following data from reference [1], the percentage of capacity to form list:
Thus it can be seen, the higher the storage temperature and ICOM BP-227 Battery charging the full, its capacity loss is more powerful. So don't recommend long-term preservation lithium ion battery, conversely, manufacturers should treating rotten food the recovery. Users should pay close attention to the battery production date. If the user hands is idle of the battery, so experts recommend storage conditions for charge level is 40%, storage temperature less than 15 degrees or more low. But nimh batteries and nickel cadmium battery is almost not affected by the aging effect, long term storage of nickel base cell in a few deep filling after deep discharge can restore its original capacity the.

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