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Hand-held BOSCH BTP1005 Power Tool Battery tools because of its convenient

Hand-held BOSCH BTP1005 Power Tool Battery tools because of its convenient use condition and can adapt to the operating environment is extensive, has been widely recognized by the clients, but electric tools after all is to come into contact with electric, use and operation method of the inappropriate extremely easy to dangerous, today I will say hand-held electric tool safety operation specifications and related matters needing attention. Daily attention to matters: narrow places (boiler, metal containers, trench, pipeline, etc.) appropriate chooses belt isolation transformer of class III hand electric tools, If choose class II hand electric tools, must be put the splash of the leakage protector. The isolation transformer or leakage protector installed in a narrow place outside, work and they should care.General place should choose class II hand BOSCH BTP1005 24V Battery electric tools and should be installed rated electric shock current action is not more than 15 ma, rated action time is less than 0.1 s leakage protector. If you use the class I hand electric tools, must also be joint zero protection. Operators must wear insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes or standing in insulating pad. In damp places or metal structure operation, must choose class II hand electric tools, and put the splash of the leakage protector. It is strictly prohibited to use class I hand electric tools. In damp area or in the metal frame, pressure vessels, piping etc conductive good workplaces, must use double insulation or reinforced insulation of electric tools.

Hand-held BOSCH BTP1005 Power Tool Battery electric tool load line must adopt resistance to climatic type rubber sheath copper core cable, and there shall be no joint. Forbids the use of plastic yarn. Use of the cutting tools, should maintain sharpening sharp, intact, installed correctly, strong and reliable. Use of grinding wheel machine, should check the wheel and flange between soft mat and install stable, nut shall not be too close, every sweat, deformation, cracks, crushing, depletion edge gap or contact with oil, base type of grinding wheel, shall not use, and shall not be affected with damp of the grinding wheel used to drying.

BOSCH BTP1005 Power Tool Battery Electric tools according to the electric protection way is divided into three categories: a. Ⅰ kind of tools, B. Ⅱ kind of tools, C. Ⅲ kind of tools, 16 Ⅰ kind of tool which is popular type electric tools, its rated voltage more than 50 v, Ⅰ kind of tools in prevent to get an electric shock the protection of depends not only on the basic insulation, and contains an additional security measures. Its method is palpable electrically conductive parts and installed in the fixed line protection (ground) conductor union rises, make palpable electrically conductive parts in the basic insulation damage accident not be charged body. Ⅰ class tool plug into three pin plug. 16 class II tool that insulation structure are all double insulation structure of electric tools. The provisions of the voltage more than 50 v II class tools are not allowed to set earthing device. General for insulation shell.

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