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time and attendance systems in ancient China

time and attendance systems
in ancient China was used instead of signature sign that identity. Can be roughly divided into "bow", "loop", "bucket" three basic types, with each one is different, the characteristics of life unchanged. Fingerprint recognition is the most mature, the most convenient, reliable, no damage and price cheap biological recognition technology solutions, has in many industry fields has been widely used in the field.

time and attendance systems Advantages: the first is the specificity is strong, the complex degree is high. A fingerprint is the unique features of the human body, and they used to identify the complexity of the enough to provide the full features. The second is high reliability. If we want to increase reliability, we only have to register more fingerprints, identify more fingers, most can be up to 10, and every one of fingerprints are unique, and users will fingers and fingerprint acquisition head direct contact is read the biological characteristics of the most reliable method. The third is fast and easy to use.

Used for biometric time clock of biological characteristics have hand shape, fingerprint, iris, the infrared temperature spectrum etc, behavior characteristics have signature, voice, key strength, etc. Based on these features, has developed a hand shape recognition, fingerprint identification, the infrared temperature spectrum recognition, speech recognition, iris recognition, handwriting recognition and so on the many kinds of biological recognition technology. In recent years, biological recognition technology to get high speed development and application of the market, according to the IBG (international biological recognition group) 2009 statistics show that in 2009 the global biological recognition technology to achieve 3.422 billion us dollars, 2010 us dollars... In 2014 is expected to total $9.368 billion. Biological recognition technology in China is just 15 years time, but has been rapid application. May foresee, in the near future, biological recognition technology will be widely used in our country and public life in every field of work.

In the next few years, biometric time clock information industry will also be the most important technical revolution, the huge application demand will pull biometric identification of the rapid development of the market, especially with some giant national the start of the project, the entire global biometric identification industry scale will reach tens of billions of dollars of the size of the market. Biological recognition technology are varied The so-called biological recognition technology is through the computer and optical, acoustic, biosensor and biological principle of statistics and other high-tech means combined with, using the human body inherent physical characteristics (such as fingerprints, a face like a, iris, etc) and behavior characteristics (such as handwriting, sound, gait, etc.) for personal identity identification. Fingerprint identification technology.

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