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biometric time clock systems can produce rotating

biometric time clock systems can produce rotating, displacement and deformation, the feature definition must be suitable for a variety of conditions. Through the choose any a group of fingerprint rotate 90 °, 180 ° and 270 ° to detect feature extraction of position transformation, the result of the rotation characteristics are the same, and displacement detection also get the right result. In fingerprint contrast, make sure the seal of each feature vector, and then compression in order to eliminate overlap, and then through the data analysis to identify useful vector. Because only for one dimensional vector comparison, two mark contrast time can be ignored, and the system has good recovery ability. Fingerprint image is subdivided into many sample block, after preprocessing and subsequent treatment after the extraction characteristic, can use a set of rules of the tree language to describe the fingerprint model, and use automatic device recognition coding mode. [9] this method objective is to unique mark fingerprint elements as details such as branch, and joint, etc. In order to better understand the fingerprint uniqueness, first sparingly false.

Today on, our province will begin to enable electronic fingerprint time clock ordinary passport. Reporter in yesterday's news conference to know, new passport built-in chip, chip internal stored the ShenBanRen basic information and fingerprint, signature, facial image, etc., can avoid the zhuhai entry-exitfrontier inspection general station said before only by the "face" to identify permittee identity. With the opening of the electronic ordinary passport is China's passport issued by the management work of a major change, marks the our country international travel documents will be entering the whole digital age.

The network check fingerprint time clock is the use of modern enterprise or community internal have common erection LAN line, the attendance system into local area network (LAN) and even become part of the Internet network, and don't need another installation client, only need to install IE browser computer to operate the system. The network check on work attendance system implements multiple user type landing. In addition to the administrator to personnel, attendance, equipment, data management and report inquires the outside, ordinary employees can also use personal Numbers landing system for personal data modification and personal attendance situation inquires the, so that ordinary employees can facilitate timely understand their attendance, reduce administrative personnel's work load, make attendance work more timely and transparent.

The modern time and attendance systems enterprise introduced a large number of enterprise information management software, we listen to the most is the ERP (enterprise resource planning management system), HR (human resources management system), OA (office automation management system), financial software, etc., including attendance management system. All information management system is different software manufacturer development, relatively data is closed, each system between no ready data interface, for a most simple example, each information management system basically have personnel information: job number, name, department, gender, induction date, and so on, but as a result of each system's closed, lead to users in each set of system will repeat entering a personnel information.

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