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Make biometric time clock systems can adapt to the environment

Make biometric time clock systems can adapt to the environment, climate and finger injury or peeling change, recognition performance in the original basis to improve more than two times. Fingerprint attendance machine using the most mature high precision optical total reflection fingerprint acquisition instrument, collecting surface wear scratch resistant, avoid employee malignant damage, guarantee the mixer durable products. Fingerprint attendance machine using high-definition phonetic reduction technology, has the high quality human voice prompt. Fingerprint attendance machine using the latest USB communication technology, the use of more flexible and more quickly. Fingerprint attendance machine four lines Chinese display LCD screen, support Chinese name and ring function.

5, general a fingerprint time clock used for the number of how many? Fingerprint attendance machine use visual fingerprint capacity and decide. Because the number of check on work attendance is concentrated, generally in 15 minutes to finish. A time, about 100 people use a more appropriate. 6, attendance, staff attendance place more, can solve? Can!!!! Fingerprint attendance machine management single number can reach 100-300 or so, can networking multimachine attendance.

time and attendance systems machine using ARM architecture of 32 bit mpu, fingerprint attendance machine overall performance improved 50%; Fingerprint attendance machine has 2 m storage capacity, can be registered 5000 YongHuKa and password, fingerprint attendance machine store 80000 records. Fingerprint attendance machine storage capacity can be expanded to 4 m, can support 10000 users, most can store 280000 record, can fully meet the demand of large and medium-sized customers check on work attendance. Fingerprint attendance machine using Super KM architecture, the system overall performance increased by more than 35%, realize fingerprint identification with the response time of the < 1 seconds.

Second, the fingerprint time clock machine use the matters needing attention Fingerprint attendance machine is in attendance machine technology content is higher one kind, it highly precision sex determination us when use must be more careful, staff attendance consciousness and attendance method must improve, in the use of fingerprint attendance machine to pay special attention to the following matters: 1, before you use it to check on work attendance management department fingerprint files: 1 to 3 fingerprint may add a password. 2, before use, please ensure that the fingers clean, do not touch oil, touch water. Finger dirty, blasting skin, dry, cool will appear the phenomenon of check on work attendance don't recognize. If because of finger detonation skin cause multiple recognition is not successful please apply for administrative departments with password attendance. If finger for dry, or the weather cold fingers cool cause not identification, please put your fingers mouth after HaQi to identify. If the poor fingerprint texture or no texture suggest using password attendance. Password attendance is first according to the attendance number + OK + password.

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